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Компания Across Continents Translations – основана в Брюсселе, в столице Евросоюза. Мы предоставляем услуги по письменному и устному переводу для наших клиентов на международном уровне круглосуточно 7 дней в неделю. Перевод осуществляется более чем на 150 языков с участием лучших специалистов, имеющих многолетний опыт работы.


Наша компания предоставляет лингвистические услуги в различных отраслях, уделяя большое внимание интересам и потребностям наших клиентов. В целях расширения нашей деятельности на международном уровне, для нас очень важно осуществлять переводы высокого качества.



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Perfect translation of our new website in EN and Dutch. Timing respected and top quality.

Arnaud Lecocq

Arnaud Lecocq

Attorney, Bazacle&Solon law firm, Brussels

Csilla is a dynamic young woman with a broad range of skills. I first met her as a lawyer with my company Anglo.be when we worked on delivering Englsih Language training to young lawyers in Brussels. Since then I have referred many of my clients who require translation work to be done and they have all been very happy with the service that Csilla provides.

Joelle Donnelly

Joelle Donnelly

Owner at Anglo English Language Training, Brussels

Csilla is a wonderful and lovely women, always willing to go the extra mile with her work, she is very detail oriented, knowledgeable and thorough in her work. We have collaborated on a few projects and I couldn't think of anyone else who would be more perfect to work with. If you are on the fence about working with Across Continents Translations, look no further, take the leap. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Lisa Lynn Adams

Lisa Lynn Adams

Editor at Leading Lady Magazine, Canada

Csilla is a true business woman. She's passionate, driven and will always go the extra mile to ensure her clients are happy. I've had the pleasure of working with Csilla on several projects recently and have been thrilled with the results.

Rachida Brocklehurst

Rachida Brocklehurst

Vegan Business Consultant & Founder at The Green V

It is such a great pleasure to work with a brilliant and inspiring woman like Csilla for many Arabic-English-French translation projects. As the CEO of her own worldwide translation company, professionalism, respect and success qualify the best Csilla's work. I truly recommend her services.

Amal El Gharbi

Amal El Gharbi

Freelance translator

Csilla is a great entrepreneur in the field of translation, she is a hardworking woman with a good sense of business. She has interesting projects and always looks for the best translator for every project and gives convenient deadline to every project. It is fantastic to collaborate with her.

Monica Bosch

Monica Bosch

Freelance legal translator