Be it a business meeting, a conference or a legal issue, we will help you to overcome your language barriers. Our interpreters are available in the BENELUX states, all over Europe and worldwide. We work together with higly qualified interpreters who have many years of experience.

Types of interpreting:

Consecutive interpreting

The speaker keeps a break after some sentences, then the interpreter sums it up precisely. The consecutive interpretation is mainly used at business meetings, at the visit of a foreign delegation, own delegation’s visit abroad, at events, festivals, press conferences and receptions.

Simultaneous interpreting

At bigger events the speakers continuously speak while the interpreters sit in closed cabins, following the topic through headsets and they interpret immediately into the microphone. The participants listen to the interpreter on the headset. The simultaneous interpreting is used at conferences, meetings, round table negotiations, sessions, seminars or corporate trainings.

Whispering interpreting

In case only for 1-5 participants need interpreting services at an event, the interpreter sits next to these participants and while whispering, continuously interprets the topic. The advantage is no need for interpreting equipments.

Accompanying interpreting

The client requests for an interpreter who interprets in different situations, like sightseeing tour, cultural programmes or foreigners’ visits.

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